Mom’s Meet

Mom’s Meet

Looking for a way to get friends or family together?  Why not have a sample party!  I wants to invite you to join Moms Meet. Sign up today and get rewarded with great rewards for filling out surveys, attending webinars, completing quests and a whole lot more! Accept your invitation at

I signed up to be a mom’s ambassador and my groups first FREE samples came by UPS yesterday!  We received a box of full size Soup samples from Pacific Foods and a gift card to purchase the items needed for one of the recipes.  I can’t wait to have my group party!  When I signed up I was sceptical, because I have signed up for so many websites that promise sampling, free products, and coupons or surveys and rewards.  I am so happy that this site turned out to be legit and they care about the products they test.  WooHoo! Finally a great program, so please follow the link provided and get signed up today!  Don’t forget to Like and Share this on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure your friends would like to get free products and rewards to!  


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