Monthly box subscriptions! The best thing EVER!

IMG_20141115_150522 IMG_20141216_160527

While surfing youtube, I found  I had never heard of a monthly box subscription but was intrigued.  I was very leery at first because I do not like to give my credit card information over the internet unless it is a well known company.  I took a chance and signed up for their monthly beauty box.  For only $10/month you get to try 4-5 new products.  My daughters and I were delighted when our first box arrived.  We received several name brand products and most of which we loved all in a pretty sparkle makeup bag.  They shipped it to us in a hot pink bubble bag that was an awesome extra special touch.  I made an unboxing video for our first “glam bag” and plan to do one every month.  You can view our unboxing here:   If you like what you see and decide to get one yourself, follow my link and get started!

Since we have signed up for my girls and I found some other interresting boxes as well!  Birchbox is another makeup box subscription for only $10/month.  We just signed up for our first box and we are excited to get to see what comes in it.  If you want to check out Birchbox follow my link  We will be doing an unboxing video for our first Birchbox when it arrives so be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel!

If you like nail polish, I recommend Julep! We signed up and received our first box!  It was amazing!  I love their polish as I only had one coat on and it looked like I had one 2.  We received the Jingle Bells box for free and only had to pay shipping! We were sent 3 full size colors and the best eye liner I have ever tried!  If you want to get your FREE box visit our link

Another great box subscription that we signed up for is This subscription is for healthy snacking boxes.  They are super cheap, only $6 a box and shipping is free plus if you use my code: RVC4MVXZP you get your 1st box and 5th box FREE!  You get to customize your box by answering questions about which foods you do not want and which ones look great.  You can cancel at anytime.  To sign up and get your free boxes just use my code on the website or  go directly to  

I did find some other box subscriptions for boys and men.  We have not signed up for them yet, but may try them if my husband and son decide they want to.  They look so fun!  I will be writing more reviews on other subscriptions boxes as we subscribe! If you know of any more, please feel free to leave a comment and we will gladly check them out!  Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more exciting stuff! Chow! -A


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